Brick and Block Work on Retaining Walls

Chicago Brick Company offers specialized brick repair and block work services for retaining walls. Retaining walls are used to stabilize slopes, hold soil in place, increase usable land in hilly terrain, and create a decorative or terraced appearance.

Though brick and block retaining walls are designed for the long term, settling, earth movement, soil expansion, and weather can adversely affect them. Improperly constructed brick or block retaining walls could show signs of imminent failure due to a lack of sufficient weep holes, improper reinforcement, insufficient drainage, poorly mixed mortar, and other issues.

We offer a wide range of home brick repointing services including brick and block work on retaining walls.
Home brick repointing on retaining walls often becomes necessary as the walls age. For example, while the bricks and blocks may be in pristine condition, the mortar holding them in place could be cracked, crumbled, or disintegrated due to a lifespan mismatch between bricks and mortar. Bricks can last for centuries while mortar may only last 20 years. Should the mortar fail, the integrity of the entire retaining wall could be compromised, making it crucial to intervene sooner rather than later.

We can repair or replace damaged mortar using a process known as brick repointing. Contact us today to learn more.

Signs of Retaining Wall Damage

Common signs that your retaining wall is damaged – or worse, about to fail – include:

  • Bulging and buckling
  • Leaning
  • Cracked, crumbled, or deteriorating mortar
  • Cracked blocks or brick
  • Separation of the retaining wall from adjoining walls

Repairing Brick and Block Retaining Walls in Chicago

Our retaining wall repair services include structural repairs such as installing wall anchors and tiebacks as well as brick and mortar repair. We carefully inspect the damage and recommend appropriate structural, block, brick, and mortar repairs based on our findings.

Due to the structural importance of these walls and the consequences of a failure, prompt retaining wall repairs are crucial. Don’t wait, contact us today.

Chicago Brick Licensing

We carry both a class B and class C masonry license (license #MC6627) issued from the City of Chicago, Department of Buildings. These licenses permit us to legally perform concrete and brick work and obtain permits as needed.

Due to a lack of enforcement, approximately 9 out of 10 contractors performing extensive masonry repairs in Chicago lack a class C license and are not adequately insured.

As an educated consumer, do your due diligence before hiring a contractor because, unfortunately, not all contractors share our commitment to the profession. Don’t assume or take a contractor’s word for it, demand to see the physical license and make sure it has not expired. If the contractor can’t produce a current license, continue your search for a licensed masonry contractor in Chicago.

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