Brick Restoration service from Masonry Experts

With most brick restoration jobs, we usually start by getting to the bottom of the issue and find the cause and asses the damage. We will also consult with you and decide together the best possible solution for the problem. Once we figure out what needs to be fixed and what the work load will be, our dedicated team of masonry experts can take it from there.

Most minor brick restoration jobs can be completed in one day or less. If we happen to have a larger project planed, we will work on your schedule and find the best times to get the job done.

brick restoration service

Types of Brick Restoration services we offer

Masonry crack repair

We got your cracks covered. From structural cracks to cosmetic. We can fix them all with our experienced team

Brick Waterproofing 

We only work with A grade masonry sealant and with the most accurate professionals to make sure your home will be protected from water damage year long.

Pressure Washing

While in some cases you will need to restore your bricks or even replace them, it’s not uncommon that a good pressure washing session will give your brick wall new life and make it look great again.

Leaning issues

Chimneys, brick fences and even walls can lean over time. Harsh weather and even the ground moving can cause a brick to move slightly and over time it can be an issue that needs to be addressed.


We cane pave your driveway,patio or walkway. We have done this a million times and we have the team to make it happen fast and accurate.

Brick veneer walls

Bowing or loose walls are a serious issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. With our team you can be sure we will get a handle on that and make your home safe again.

Brick restoration for chimneys 

Brick chimneys are a place prone to issues because of the placement and shape of the structure. Make sure your chimney is in good standing before the winter comes

Brick discolouration

This happens due to water damage or just the age of the bricks used. We can restore the natural color of the bricks or replace them with new similar ones.

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