Your roof is one of the most important parts on your building. You probably already know that if you want to sell your property, you want to have the roof up to code.

If you are buying a property, you will have to make sure that you have your contractor inspect the roof. These are the standard things that might think of first when it comes to a roof contractor.

The reason for this article is to show you that your contractor can provide you with many more services that will make your building feel more like yours.

Some of the things are on this list can be found by on any contractor’s website. However, you may find some of the choices are a little harder to find. They require different classes depending on the amount of design that is involved.


If you are building a home or office building or remodelling, it might be the perfect time to get some customizing done on your roof. There are many possibilities that will make your home look and feel more like your own. There are more options that will help to build your curb appeal, add to your investment, and can completely change the way that your home looks and feels.


You can choose to have a completely new roof installed. You also can choose to have a lay over done. There are plenty of options available to fit whatever your needs are.

You can meet with a contractor so that you can see all the options that you have available. Most contractors will take into consideration what your budget is so that you can see options that are within you price range.


Buying a property comes with enough stress. There is no reason why your roof should be in question. There are plenty of roofing contractors that will give you an honest inspection of your roof.

They can tell you the age and condition of the roof in question. They can also inform you of when they would expect that it would need maintenance. In some cases, you can even get a estimate of what it would cost to bring it up to the standards of the codes.


There are so many issues with our roof at some point. Storms can cause damage. Time can cause problems to arise. There are even some animals that can create holes and cause leaks in your roof.

That is why you need a good contractor that can help you when you need it. Emergency services are available from most of the contractors. Fees will vary, but usually a contractor will have a higher fee if they have to come to you outside of their normal business hours.

Maintenance Plans

The best way to prevent expensive, emergency repairs is to have a contractor to perform routine maintenance. A good contractor will have a maintenance schedule that you can work into your busy life.

There are different plans depending on your contractor. Some will cover just visual inspections while others will inspect your attic space, your sidings and even your fireplace and chimney. You be surprised how many times you will need a chimney repair if you live in Chicago.

This is also the perfect way to catch problems before they start. Sometimes a contractor will be able to predict where the weather may cause you some issues during the next storm season.

Roof Inventory

If you are planning on buying a property, one of the best things to do is have a contractor come to take an inventory of the roof. The contractor will be looking for weak spots, structural damage, and leaks.

They will consider what spots might need future work. They will also take stock of the roof and see how old it as and how long you can expect before it has to be replaced.

The roof can be one of the most important parts of a property. If it has damage is significant then it can mean that your budget can be significantly impacted. The worst part is that damage can be completely invisible to someone who doesn’t know what they are looking for.

Record Keeping

From the very moment that you purchase your property, you need to keep track of your roof. This means that you should have a contractor keep track of routine maintenance, emergency repairs, partial or full replacements, and storm damage.

This will help when you choose to sell the property. It will show that you took care of your investment. It is also great to have records that you can pass down to your family should there is an emergency that you can’t be there for.


Monitoring should be part of your maintenance plan. The idea is to watch problem areas so that you can catch problems before the become an emergency.

If you live in a high storm area, then it makes even more sense that you would want to keep a close monitoring system going so that you can prevent a sudden emergency that can leave you unable to stay in your home. Prevention can only happen with proper monitoring.

Roof Restoration

You might think that roof restoration is tedious and only for old buildings, but that simply isn’t the case. There are a couple of situations in which you may want or need to restore your roof.

You can choose you to restore your roof to any level when you purchase your property. Of course, if you want to remodel your building to change the curb appeal, it is always best to restore your roof. It can change the way your building feels and looks.

Take the time and look at this list. You are sure to find Chicago roofing services that will leave you happy with the choices that you made. The decision of a contractor is one that you shouldn’t take lightly.

They are a few to choose from but remember the three most important things:

1. Choose a local contractor.

2. Make sure that they are licensed.

3. Check references.

Once you keep all these things in mind, everything will fall into place.