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    Chimney Liners Installation and Repair Chicago

    Chimney liners serve many purposes and help a chimney work more efficiently. Properly sized chimney liners are essential for drawing smoke and flue gases out of the chimney, preventing water in the flue from infiltrating masonry chimneys, and preventing chimney-related fires. Many costly chimney repairs and tragedies can be prevented with a chimney liner.

    Why Chimney Liners are Necessary

    Lining an unlined chimney is necessary because the chimney’s exhaust (which contains smoke and carbon monoxide and other gases) can seep through mortar joints into the home. Chimney liners can also prevent chimney fires. Though it may seem impossible for masonry to catch on fire, chimney fires in unlined chimneys are common. Creosote buildup inside an unlined chimney can catch on fire with the flames bursting through compromised mortar joints and cracks.

    Damaged masonry chimney liners should also be replaced with a stainless steel chimney liner to prevent similar issues. Another common chimney liner issue occurs when a liner is installed but is the wrong size. With an oversized liner, the gases can cool too quickly, leading to poor drafting and excessive condensation. Additionally, an undersized liner creates too little draft and a smoky burn.

    Not all liners are created equally. Cheap chimney liners will corrode prematurely, crack, and leak. The joints of multi-piece liners may not be properly seamed, allowing gases to leak. Aluminum liners are very soft and often tear during installation.

    Ventinox® 316Ti and 316L Chimney Liners

    Chicago Brick Company installs stainless steel Ventinox® chimney lining systems. These continuous-weld, rhino-tough, one-piece liners prevent moisture, smoke, and gases from escaping the flue as they are drawn up and out of the chimney. Ventinox chimney liners are flexible, allowing for bending around flue offsets and other obstructions.

    Other types of stainless steel chimney liners require expensive expansion joints while the Ventinox system is engineered to absorb expansion in its corrugations. Because of its expansion properties, this type of chimney liner can be mortared solidly into place at the chimney top for a long-lasting, waterproof seal. Our Ventinox chimney liner systems feature stainless steel (T) flue connections and termination caps.

    Protect the chimney’s masonry, your building, and your building’s occupants by having Chicago Brick Company install a Ventinox chimney liner. Contact us today to get started.