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    Your One-Stop Source for Chimney Rebuilds, Flashing, and Water Diversion

    Diverting rainwater properly is essential to the longevity of any chimney or building, but especially so when brick and mortar are involved. Where some companies may just patch a damaged chimney or roof, our chimney rebuild services take a holistic approach to the problem. Not only do we rebuild the damaged chimney, we address the water problem that may have contributed to its demise in the first place with flashings and commercial gutters.

    As Chicago’s most trusted brick repair company, we make it our business to perform each and every job we do to the highest of standards. Every time.

    Chimney Rebuilding in Chicago

    As a full service brick and mortar repair company in Chicago, we have the expertise, safety training, and craftsmanship required for even the most complex brick repair jobs including chimney rebuilds. Our chimney rebuild team can handle both full and partial chimney rebuilds.

    While chimney repairs can solve many chimney issues such as leaks and cracks, chimney reconstruction becomes necessary when the chimney has significant structural problems such as leaning or severe masonry deterioration.

    Numerous factors can severely damage a chimney including: water leaks, exposure, cracking, general wear and tear, earth movement, soil and drainage issues, foundation problems, and a lack of preventative maintenance. Even the chimney’s own components (or lack of them) can contribute. For example, a cracked or deteriorated chimney crown can allow moisture to penetrate the chimney and deteriorate its masonry.

    Chicago Brick Company offers expert chimney rebuilding services:

    • Partial chimney rebuilds – If the damage is limited to the roofline on up or the crown area, we can perform a partial chimney rebuild. Many partial chimney rebuilds require tearing the chimney down to the flashing area along the roofline. Once removed, we rebuild the top portion of the chimney and top it off with a new crown.
    • Complete chimney rebuilds – If a complete chimney rebuild is required, we remove the entire masonry structure of the chimney and rebuild it from the ground up.

    As with all of our Chicago brick, mortar, and chimney repair services, our chimney rebuild service is performed by qualified masons committed to carrying out their craft to the highest of standards. If your chimney is showing symptoms of structural instability, keep all family members and pets away from it and call us immediately

    Chimney Flashing and Replacement Chicago

    Chimney and roof leaks are often the result of deteriorated, non-existent, or improperly installed chimney flashing. Chimney flashing is designed to prevent water from intruding at the intersection of the roof and chimney. When chimney flashing works as designed, rainwater is properly channeled off the roof, through the gutters, and down the downspout. When chimney flashing fails, guess where the water goes?

    Improperly diverted water can cause substantial damage both to the interior of the home as well as to the masonry, making finding and addressing the cause of the problem essential. Flashing takes many forms, and generally requires custom installation by a chimney repair professional or licensed roofer.

    Aluminum, metal, and copper are often used as chimney flashing in Chicago. Each of these metal flashings has its advantages and disadvantages. Our chimney repair team can help you select the right flashing material for your specific chimney type and adjacent materials

    Ensuring that water is properly diverted away from your chimney and prevented from intruding is of utmost importance. A minor chimney repair focused on the chimney flashing could prevent a major chimney rebuild in the future. Chicago Brick Company offers comprehensive chimney flashing repair and replacement services. Contact us today to learn more.