As you start looking at properties to buy, you may come across some that need a little touching up. Sometimes event the most maintained and cared for property will need a roof restoration.

You can always go with something just like the others on the block, or you can go for a custom roof restoration that will make your property value soar.

Curb appeal is another big factor in going for a custom roof restoration. So, continue reading and learn all you can about what a custom roof restoration service really looks like.

What is Custom Roof Restoration service?

The regular roof restoration service is exactly what it sounds like. You can find any contractor to restore your standard roof. They use standard techniques with basic supplies that you can find just about anywhere.

However, custom roof restoration is done a little differently. It is usually done on older or more historic properties. The goal is to create a roof that looks and feels like the original.

That means that they will use materials like the original materials. They will use modern techniques to create a historic look. The classic look is safer but has a traditional feel to it.

Why Choose Custom Roof Restoration?

custom roof restoration service The biggest reason to choose a custom roof service is the ability to maintain the original look of the building. You can keep the original curb appeal while updating the materials and integrity of your roof.

There is some buildings that will require that you do this as part of the contract. In most cases, you can use modern techniques to bring your budget to a friendly threshold.

The best part is that you are creating a look that will stand out from all the others in the area. You can give your building an authentic feel and create a look that others will be drawn too.

Are the materials different?

There are some situations where you will need specialized material. Sometimes, there are specifications set in place by the historical committee of the city you live, the zoning committee, and by the city itself.

At times, you may need to abide by their standards and obtain their permission before you can begin the process. Other times, there are no permits needed and you can proceed with what you feel is right.

Depending on your town, you can use common materials, but there are times when the city and/or the historic committee might decide that you must use special materials to make sure that the building keeps its heritage.

You will have to check with the contractor who has the authority to work on historic buildings.

Replacing versus restoration

Of course, the easiest way to get a new roof is to tear off the old one and put on a completely new one on. This can be more budget friendly and quicker. You can learn more about roof tear off vs overlay in a post we wrote a while back.

However, if you are wanting to keep the overall look of your building the same, if the roof is unique, or if the roof is material is hard to find, restoration is the way to go.

If you have a custom roof already in place, you may find that it is more budget friendly to restore rather than replace the roof.

Specialized Contractor

roof restoration service - contractor

The next question you have is probably going to be about finding a contractor. If you have a historic building that needs custom roof restoration, then your steps will be different than if you simply want something different than the other buildings on your block.

The age of your building makes a big difference in the restoration process. As a rule, the historical society or committee in your area will restrict the contractors that are permitted to work on buildings over a certain age.

They will need a contractor that is familiar with the layout of the roof, materials available, and the history of the roof.

If the history of the building is not known, then there could be bigger issues at hand. You may be required to have a structural inspection done. If your building cannot withstand any pressure, a new roof will be the last thing that you have to worry about.

You may need to have supports reinforced, that may mean that you need a building contractor in addition to your roofing contractor.

If you are unsure if your building is historic, requires an approved contractor, or needs permits prior to restoration, then you should make city hall your first stop.

They will be able to give you all the information you need based on the zoning of your house. Additionally, they will be able to provide you will a list of approved contractors, if it is a requirement.

Custom Restoration on a non-historic building

If you are wanting to restore a roof on a building that is newer, then you will probably have less restrictions. You may still need permits for safety reasons, but you should be able to use any contractor that is licensed to pull permits in your city.

They will be more familiar with the guidelines of your area. In some cases, roof restoration does not need any special permit at all.

You may find that restoring a roof will give your building a much more unique feel to it. Your contractor will be able to help you design a custom concept that will help you to develop a look that you want.

You will have options on pitch, colors, and materials. Take your time and find what really fits your needs so that you maximize the return on your investment.

Your roof is what brings your building altogether. It can give you the curb appeal that you really want. It is a way to give your building a little personality.

Your roof affects your resale value more than anything else that you do to your building. The simple act of taking the time to choose the best roof you can will make all the difference in how your building looks to others.