One of the most significant investment in any property is the roof. It creates the curb appeal. It brings together the entire look of the property.

The best part of choosing a concrete roof is that it has a life expectancy of twenty-five to fifty years. It doesn’t take a lot of maintenance. Concrete tiles take very little support, but they do need to be cleaned.

They can withstand most storms, high winds, rain, and snow, but you do need to make sure that you check them. Which is why I put this article together.

You will learn how to walk on the tiles. Then you will learn how to clean them, including what to use to clean them.

How to walk on concrete tiles

Every time that you walk on concrete tiles you risk cracking or breaking them. It is very tricky to clean them without stepping on them, but it can be done.

how to clean concrete roof tiles - standing on roofYou can use a ladder to reach most of the roof. You can use long poles, power washers, or you could wait for the rain to wash it down. However, you are going to have to do it at some point. You need to know how to do it right.

First, make sure that you distribute your weight so that it is spread out evenly between your feet. Keep your weight distributed as you walk. Consistently move it between steps so that you never have all your weight on one foot.

Pick shoes that are light and have soft soles. Water shoes have excellent grip. You do need the grip to make sure that you can keep your balance. Never jump between tiles.

What to use to clean concrete tiles

As we look at what to use to clean the concrete tiles, you will see that the product you use to clean does depend on what you are cleaning. So, let’s take a look at what you will find on your roof and discuss cleaning options.

  • Algae – It is entirely reasonable for algae to build up, especially after a wet season. You can use vinegar or bleach to clean off the roof.
  • Moss – is quite a plant life. Which means it can grow roots and do damage to the tiles and the decking. You will want to use something that will kill it. You can try bleach, sodium hydroxide, or vinegar.
  • Animal products are always an issue. Not just droppings, but also nests tend to build up so that you need to clean it. You may be surprised to learn that citrus acid will clean the roof without causing any damage at all to your tiles.
  • Loose debris, toys, or leaves can all be on your roof at any given time. They do not need any cleaning products, and you should try to keep from using them if you can.

When to clean concrete tiles

cleaning concrete roof tilesYou will need to clean your regularly. You should check them after any storm, monthly, or whenever you feel that it needs to be cleaned. If you can see the debris from the ground, you should get it cleaned.

You can wash it whenever you need to, but you should only use chemicals to clean your roof tiles when there is no other way to clean it. It should be limited to once or twice a year if possible.

How to clean concrete roof tiles

Sometimes all you need is a pressure washer on the low setting to get everything clean. It really can be that simple to do. You should try to do all your cleaning without stepping on your roof.

You can use a broom to sweep away loose debris. Just use a ladder to get to where you can reach.

If you decide to use cleaning solutions you should always follow the directions on the bottle. You can use bleach, vinegar, sodium hydroxide, citric acid, or just water.

Try with the least amount of chemicals as possible. It is better to have to use multiple applications than it is to have to repair the damage that can be done by the chemicals.

There are times when all you need is a good rain. A steady rain can help to wash all the debris away without you having to do anything. If your pitch is right, it will all slide right down. Then all you need to do is clean out the gutter after that.

What not to do

This is a list of everything that you should not ever do for safety issues.

  • Never put your full weight in one spot on the roof
  • Never pour any chemical straight on your roof
  • Never work on or around your roof alone
  • Do not ever try to remove large debris from your roof on your own

Safety First

Your first concern should always be for your safety. That means that you should still make sure that safety protocols are put into place before you begin to clean your roof tiles.

Make sure you always have someone with you. Never take on a job that is too big for you to do alone. Still get professional help if you do not have the tools and supplies to do the job safely.

If you feel as though you are not comfortable with the chemicals, do not use them. Follow all safety precautions that are stated on the bottle of any chemicals that you do choose to use.

If you are unsure or feel unsafe at any time during the process, stop immediately and find a professional that can help you to get the results that you are looking for. If there are large branches or debris, then you should not attempt to do this job yourself.

It is essential to keep your roof clean and free of all debris. Keeping it clean will ensure that you do not have to be caught off guard by unexpected costs of maintenance.

You should be ready to call a professional if you don’t feel as though you can handle what you want to be done.