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    We’re proud of our accomplishments thus far, and committed to earning your trust. Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our past customers have to say:

    • I had a couple masonries come out and look at the brick work on the front of my house. All told me something different and none of their work fixed the problem, let alone the source of the problem. Nombach came out and immediately knew what the problem was and fixed it in a timely manner. Very professional from start to finish. - Haley Sink

    • I had a small tuck-pointing job. The cost of the job was reasonable and I was satisfied with the completed work. The three man crew was on time and went about the job professionally. I was impressed that they had their own generator for the power tools. They finished the job in about two hours..... I will refer to friends and family. REFERENCE #704499 - james t drake sr

    • Every time there was a heavy rain storm, rain would come inside the property. The construction company was very responsive in answering all my questions, and getting the job done. I hired the company to do tucking pointing on my brick property, and is very satisfied with the work outcome. No more rain coming inside the property. They did a great job and the cost didn't break the bank. Ref#669829 - MIH MUSIC GROUP

    • I give Chicago Bricks as well as their construction team big time leg up. It’s nice to have worked with them successfully for eight years. I have several commercial property. They have always been in charge of doing upgrade and repair for the property. I have also recommended them to many real estate investors and like mind and they too seem quite happy to have used Chicago Bricks. - Morgan Brenda

    • When I fail to get the results I expect from people I hire to work for me, I get disappointed the most. I appreciate companies who deliver what they promise. Chicago bricks are one of the companies that I like to work with because these guys never fail to impress me with their work. They work, work, and just work unless they reach their target and deliver what they promise. I like their positive attitude, they never say NO to any work, no matter how difficult it is. It's a pleasure working with you guys- Chicago bricks. - Jonathan Bagwell

    • The work the crew did was good. Their customer service definitely needs work. They forgot to put the cap on the chimney and weren't very helpful in getting my satellite dish back working. They were told to be careful around the dish. Something happened when they were up on the roof that knocked it out. A couple of phone calls and waiting what seemed like forever (it was about a good hour) and Roger came out from the office to get me back up and running. Roger was wonderful, incredibly helpful and fixed the problem quickly. The crew did come back and get the cap on, but, they wasted a lot of my time that day. And they did not clean up the ground when they were done. I'm still cleaning up dirt three weeks later. Reference#312085 I'm entering this survey for my mom Joann Majdanowski. - Kimberlee Majdanowski

    • If you want the best bricks for your construction, ask for nothing less than bricks from Chicago Bricks. I have I have my entire home including the surroundings and fence decorated in their bricks which are not only strong but also aesthetic. - Stiphen Kipling

    • Ours was a small condo on the last floor. The roof was slatting and kind off send down the rain in nature. It presented difficulties and engineers we found for the job were either going to overcharge or reject the job. It was just seven month after we bought the condo which is part of large four storey building. And the roofing was dripping like hell. Spenser and I went online, searched for roofing contractors within our locality and we did find Chicago Bricks which helped get the dripping and all that leakage over with. That was four years ago and we still enjoy the good they did. Would gladly recommend… - Nathan B

    • The only company in town that does chimneys tuckpointing and repair better than others. Your good work still reflects in my home-- the tile brick flooring of my living space is amazing. I will like to have the same done for my exterior someday soon. - David Smith

    • I recently dealt with Chicago Brick Company and had a very positive experience. The salesperson was knowledgeable about the work that needed to be done. I had gotten quotes from a couple of other companies and the Chicago Brick sales person was far more knowledgeable and courteous. Not to mention the cost of the project was reasonable. - Jennifer B.

    • Chicago Brick Co did outstanding work in my home. Their job was precise and completed in the way we discussed. The work was done promptly with clean skilled hands. There was no trace of dust or remaining materials in my home after they completed the job. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of money the work costs and the timeliness of the job. My windows look amazing and fit right into my price range! I would recommend this company to friends and family for all of their exterior home repair needs. - Becky L.

    • I have recently had some work done on my house and I am extremely thrilled with the results. I will definitely be using them in the future. - Jessica S.

    • Chicago Brick Company recently tuck pointed my chimney. I was thoroughly satisfied with their work and the business l like manner in which they conducted themselves from the initial estimate thru doing the work and submitting their invoice. I would be happy to use their serves and again and highly recommend them to others looking for brick work. - Paul K.

    • As a commercial real estate investor, I’ve had several experiences with several construction companies, good, bad and ugly. One trust to get things done perfectly and I know I can recommend to any project owner out there is Chicago Brick, a company of creative and talented engineers who for the most part will take a look at my designs and say to me, “ Mr Desler can we make changes here, here and there”. I never say no to them because they always come up with something creative and awesome. I can tell you that engaging the services of Chicago Bricks is one things that you will never regret. - Adrian M. Wise

    • I recently had a new chimney installed by Chicago Brick Company. The entire process from start to finish was super easy! The entire job was explained to me in detail so I completely understood every step of the way. All the employees who worked on my project were polite and professional. The job was completed in no time and was exactly what I asked for. I would definitely use Chicago Brick Co. again! - Melissa Bachler

    • When I was going to use Chicago Bricks for a job for the first time I decided to assign the company a small aspect of my entire work to see how they will perform on that. Of course, I had issues with some engineers before. So that was the only way I felt I could do things right. I decided not to even supervised them because I didn’t care whether they messed things up or not. I had to make the budget pretty tight to see if they can manage the given resources for the cause. To cut the whole story short, that aspect was perfectly completed. I awarded them the project in the be all and end all. And the outcome was excellent. It’s been several years and I have never had any misunderstanding with them over any job I assign to them. I would gladly recommend Chicago Bricks to other people. - Kevin Tuttle

    • When it comes to brick repair, construction, and restoration work in Chicago, you need a contractor you can trust to do the job correctly. I had the same notion about hiring people for my all the repairing and maintenance work in my home. I have been a loyal customer of Chicago bricks for the last seven years and I got the best services every time. Seven years ago, when I decided to hire Chicago bricks for the first time, I wasn't very sure but their work impressed me and that's the reason of such a long and loyal association in between us. - Kathleen Moore

    • Most construction and roofing companies only claim to be cheap but when you do the research you find a ton of other companies offering services at a very lower cost than the first one. But, when I asked for Chicago bricks for their pricing, the shared the same and claimed their pricing to be the lowest when compared to those of other companies for the same services they were offering. First I took their claim as a bogus but when I took down to the internet, I realized that they were true as hell. Impressed with their honesty and offers, I hired them for my home maintenance services. - Jerry Jones

    • “Engaging a construction company isn’t worth giving a shot. It would raise cost margin. Those contractors only lie to people to make some bucks out of ‘em”. That used to be my mindset about getting a constructor for a project. Not until I got this big roofing project I couldn’t handle on my own and it was imperative that I engaged professional services. After some homework, I got several referrals from a couple of friends. I had to filter it all to figure out which was worth giving a shot. In all sense, it became clear that I would doing myself real good using Chicago Bricks Co. Having brought them in I introduced them to the job, my goal and most of it, my budget. It was a little tight but modest budget. The job Chicago Bricks did with that little budget was amazing. - Daniel Miller

    • A long-term investment like building a personal home would be worth the trial and error. And that was what I thought when I deemed it necessary to get a contractor as well as kickass builder to help with the construction of my home-- did my homework-- found Chicago Bricks, filled them in, I guess one of the wisest decision I’ve ever made. I saved me the stress of looking for other subcontractors-- brought an entire building team which did a pretty job. That was seven years ago. Every time there is need for an upgrade I fill them in and they make fine touch. I would say, it’s about time too you used them that project of yours. - applied risk

    • I used to put the pieces together and do the roofing repairs myself. But this one would be one hell of a job; too many leaks for just a roofing. Shingle layers had to be doubled if not tripled. That I got to find out having done a little homework on the internet. I wasn’t sure I could handle that and I didn’t want to play with the safety of my entire structure which I depend on the roofing. Engaging a roofing construction company wasn’t an option. I did some searches online found Chicago Bricks. I was a little skeptical about using them but with guts I did use them and I have no regret. I would recommend them. - Aaron Russell

    • For best project result, I believe you have to start strong and finish strong by using reliable and skilled engineers like the ones from Chicago Bricks who will efficiently use manage your resources to help you cut back spendings for your project. I remember One of their engineers helping me spot an embellishment which was employed by a subcontractor I hired for plumbing work. The subcontractor gave the wrong figure for the items needed. Made seem original to me. It was on my desk when the engineer walked. He was it, took a look and told me that it was a hype. He analyzed it properly and pointed out the facts for me to see. - Matthew Miller

    • There is always that bad rap about how a kickass contractor or construction would use architectural embellishment to extort a project owner. We know most constructors operate on the fly-by-night principles. But Chicago Bricks is one out of the handful that one could single out. I would recommend then to anybody and bet they would be satisfied with the job outcome. While others are making a mess of the construction business, Chicago Bricks and the likes are picking up the pieces. They don’t put money first. The first time I used them, I remember having, this tight stringent budget I didn’t want to compromise yet I wanted to accomplish much with it. The guys from the company analyzed the project and told me not to worry that they would figure out how to help manage utilize the available resources to get the desired results. - David Halbwachs

    • I got to use Chicago Bricks when I needed my Chimney Bricks renovated for severe damages. It was supposed to be a major upgrade but I didn’t know how they get around the job and finish it before I could say Jack Robinson. They told me they had employed tuck pointing. It didn’t matter. The end justifies the means-- the job was great. Hope to use them for some bigger jobs in the future. - Peter peterson

    • I found Chicago bricks on Angie's list. They had 5 stars for their services from Angie's list and I wouldn't doubt the quality of their services after seeing those 5 stars. At last, I decided to test them myself and called them up and started asking irrelevant questions. But, they didn't get annoyed at all and politely answered my weird and annoying questions which at the end impressed me. So finally, I hired them to work on the construction of my new house and my garden. After the completion of my new house, I was so impressed with their work that I hired them the construction project of my brother's house too. These guys are actually perfectionists, I couldn’t even find a single flaw in their work the delivered. - Laura Carrie

    • We used this company for tuck pointing our entire home recently. The company did an excellent job. Our home looks brand new. The price was fair and because of the recent good weather, we were able to get the job taken care of earlier than expected. - E. B.

    • I recently dealt with Chicago Brick Company and had a very positive experience. The salesperson was knowledgeable about the work that needed to be done. I had gotten quotes from a couple of other companies and the Chicago Brick sales person was far more knowledgeable and courteous. Not to mention the cost of the project was reasonable. - J.B.

    • These guys are everything I had hoped they would be. Did everything they were supposed to do on the job. Looks great. - L. V.

    • Great service from beginning to end. Extreme professionalism and thoroughness from the estimator to the workers. I would certainly use them again. - Anna P.

    • Robert is a very likable person.handsome too. - Robert Gallaga