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    Brick Wall Waterproofing Chicago / Silicone Sealants Chicago

    Protect your brickwork with silicone sealants designed to keep water out. Brick wall waterproofing is crucial to the longevity of the structure. Since bricks are porous, they naturally absorb water. This can result in undesirable effects such as mildew, stains, water damage, and cracks. By waterproofing the surface with silicone sealants, you can repel water and prevent associated damage.

    Silicone sealants can protect against water intrusion while offering additional benefits such as filling in hairline cracks and serving as a protective barrier against graffiti. However, not all sealants are created equally or applied properly. For the ultimate in brick wall waterproofing, contact Chicago Brick Co.

    Waterproofing Chicago Brickwork

    Brickwork is highly porous, which can lead to numerous problems if excessive water penetration is not properly addressed. Problems like: mold and mildew, damaging freeze and thaw cycles, water damage, and unsightly stains. If you’d rather avoid these fates, have your bricks professionally sealed. Chicago Brick Company offers brick waterproofing services using Professional Water Sealant PWS-15 (designed for extremely porous brick or block) from Professional Products of Kansas, Inc.

    Why PWS-15?

    • Waterproofing – Just one coat of PWS-15 protects against water intrusion on porous surfaces. Professional Water Sealant is effective at repelling water on a variety of materials including: split face, smooth, and fluted block, hard-fired brick, concrete, sandstone, limestone, stucco, expanded shale, slate, granite, marble, porous brick, and extremely porous block. It can also be used on treated wood and cedar.
    • Penetration – PWS-15 bridges hairline cracks and fill pores to prevent water intrusion.
    • Graffiti protection – If you’re concerned about graffiti, two coats of PWS-15 provide “non-sacrificial” protection against graffiti damage. Brickwork that has been pretreated with two coats of PWS-15 can be cleaned of graffiti using a special Phase II cleaner, light scrubbing, and a low-pressure power wash. Even with repeated cycles of graffiti removal, the original treatment continues to perform.
    • Transparency – PWS-15 dries to clear, flat finish.
    • Breathable – PWS-15 has a high perm rate, allowing moisture to escape while preventing water penetration.
    • VOC compliant – PWS-15 complies with Volatile Organic Compound regulations including EPA, CARB, and Northeast Ozone Transport Commission regulations.
    • Durable and long-lasting protection – In addition to its superior waterproofing properties, PWS-15 protects against mold and mildew, efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage, and staining including hard water, calcium carbonate, and rust stains

    Professional Water Sealant is a silicone sealant that must be applied under precise conditions. This is not a do-it-yourself waterproofing treatment. Masonry must be clean and dry, completely cured, and properly prepared before application. In addition, weather conditions dictate when the PWS-15 water repellent treatment can be applied.

    Contact us to learn more about brick waterproofing services in Chicago.