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    Chimney Repairs in Chicago: Inspection and Rebuild

    Do you need chimney repair in Chicago? Chimneys in need of repair aren’t always obvious. While you may recognize that a leaning or crumbling chimney requires an immediate response due to the looming danger, some important chimney issues are easy to overlook – and they can prove as deadly as a chimney collapse.

    Chicago Brick Company performs a wide range of chimney repairs throughout the region including tuckpointing, brick replacement, chimney flashing repairs, chimney liners, and complete chimney rebuilds.

    Common Chimney Problems in Chicago

    Masonry chimneys are prone to a variety of problems, many of which can become fatal if unaddressed, including:

    • Masonry cracks
    • Deteriorated bricks
    • Water damage
    • Corrosion
    • Condensation
    • Creosote build-up
    • Structural failure
    • Cracked flue
    • Crown or cap failure
    • Water leaks
    • Deteriorated chimney flashing
    • Damaged or non-existent chimney liner

    In Chicago and other areas around the nation, many homeowners are unaware of the potential problems an unmaintained chimney can present. Don’t let “out of sight, out of mind” get the better of you!
    We can’t stress the importance of regular chimney maintenance and inspections enough.

    In the meantime, if you need chimney repair in Chicago, chimney repair experts from Chicago Brick Company are here to help with comprehensive chimney repair services tailored to your chimney’s unique requirements

    Brick and mortar repair on a chimney is designed to repair masonry cracks, deteriorated bricks, and damaged or missing mortar of the chimney. Tuckpointing and brick replacement work may be localized or widespread. In either case, we carefully match the materials to ensure a seamless chimney repair. Not only is chimney tuckpointing and brick replacement important for cosmetic purposes, this type of chimney repair is a crucial step in preventing further problems with your chimney.

    Other chimney repairs include crown repairs, chimney caps and flashing repairs, chimney liner repair, and more. Our highly qualified chimney repair masons will thoroughly inspect the chimney to ensure that you are aware of all of its issues and the appropriate measures required to repair it.

    We want your chimney to look good and perform its duties safely and efficiently. Contact us today for a Chicago chimney repair estimate.