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    Types of Brick

    Most brick projects involve repairing or replacing either face brick or common brick. Just as you want your own face to look good, the same is true of exterior building materials such as face brick. In general, face bricks are those that are found in highly visible areas such as exterior walls while common brick may be used in non-exposed or utilitarian areas like basements or storm cellars.

    Depending on the age of the building or the desired look, the use of Chicago reclaimed brick may be warranted. Chicago reclaimed brick has been salvaged from demolition sites and carefully inspected and cleaned. Reclaimed brick is ideal for historic brick repair jobs, brick matching, and achieving a desired look.

    Whether you need a chimney rebuild using Chicago reclaimed brick or need brick replacement using modern wire-cut or split face brick, we can source the right bricks and mortar for a seamless repair. Contact Chicago Brick Company today.