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    Steel Lintel Installation and Replacement Chicago

    Earth and soil movement, leaky roofs, design flaws, foundation problems, excessive moisture, structural damage, and plain old wear and tear can wreak havoc on masonry buildings, making brick repair in Chicago inevitable. The damage may manifest as cracks, spalling, disintegration, unsecured brick veneer, or even complete structural failure. Whether your brick structure shows signs of distress or is already in a state of extreme deterioration, our Chicago brick restoration services are designed to restore the brick and mortar to their previous glory and address any underlying structural problems.

    Professional Brick Restoration in Chicago

    Chicago Brick Company’s brick repair and restoration services are ideal for repairing cosmetic or structural brick damage affecting:

    • Historic brick buildings
    • Brick walls
    • Retaining walls
    • Chimneys
    • Arches, columns, and facades
    • Brick pavers and barbeque islands
    • Disintegrating, cracked, flaking, or “spalling” brickwork
    • Mortar joints

    Brick repair projects often extend beyond the brick and mortar to other components such as interior doors and windows. Our brick restoration experts are skilled in repairing all aspects of brickwork, including replacing the steel lintels that are used to surround an opening in the brickwork.

    • Interior doors — Whether an interior door or the surrounding brick is damaged or you simply want to upgrade your home’s doors, it’s crucial to hire a contractor who understands the unique challenges that brick presents.
    • Replacement windows — Replacing a building’s windows with attractive glass block windows or energy-efficient vinyl windows can be a smart move in terms of adding value or slashing energy costs. However, when the window opening is in a brick wall, you’ll need a contractor who specializes in brick.
    • Storm windows — Brick buildings can withstand high winds, but their windows are just as vulnerable to wind-borne debris and damage as any other type of building. Installing storm windows is smart in the “windy city” of Chicago, but again, installing the windows in a brick building or home is simply not a DIY project. Chicago Brick Co. specializes in brick construction projects of all types including the installation of storm windows. Whether you want removable or permanently mounted storm windows, we can help you select the right type for the building and for your personal preferences and then install them to perfection.

    When it comes to installing or repairing doors and windows in a brick building, you don’t want to take a chance with either the brickwork or the integrity of your home! These are the types of jobs that require both expertise and craftsmanship. Contact Chicago Brick Co. for a free estimate and see why countless Chicago residents and businesses have relied on us for brick repair and construction projects of all types for decades.

    Lintel Replacement Chicago

    The word “lintel” isn’t one you hear every day, but it’s important in terms of brick construction. Lintels are ornamental and/or structural steel elements placed over openings such as doors, windows, and garage doors. Brick buildings require the use of lintels to support and carry the excessive weight of the brickwork above the opening.

    Lintel replacement is often required in conjunction with brick repair in Chicago. One of the more common issues requiring lintel replacement involves rusted steel lintels. Lintels rust due to excessive moisture which could be caused by improperly installed or deteriorated flashing, weep issues, or even a lack of rustproofing.

    Longer lintels, such as those spanning a garage door, patio doors, or expansive windows, may require replacement if they are not properly sized to adequately support the brickwork above it.

    Signs of Lintel Damage

    How can you tell if a brick repair job requires lintel replacement? Below are a few tell-tale signs:

    • Stair step-like diagonal cracks in the brickwork near window and door openings
    • Sagging brickwork over openings
    • Visible lintel rust over windows, doors, and openings

    What’s Involved in Lintel Replacement?

    Lintel replacement requires removing brickwork surrounding the opening, removing the deteriorated lintel, installing flashing, installing a new steel lintel, and then replacing the bricks and mortar using professional brick repair techniques for a seamless repair.

    Chicago Brick Company’s brick repair team is fully qualified to replace damaged lintels and restore the surrounding masonry. If you suspect lintel damage, contact us right away because the sooner lintel issues are caught and repaired, the less extensive the brick damage will be. Don’t wait for an imminent wall collapse, contact us today for prompt lintel and brick repair in Chicago.

    Why Choose Chicago Brick Company?

    Though the art of masonry is ancient, the craft takes years to master. Experience really does count. Depending on the damage and age of the masonry, brick restorations may require custom mortar mixes, brick replacement, or tuckpointing. For a natural-looking brick or mortar repair, it may be necessary to use reclaimed bricks or chemically analyze the composition of the mortar so that it can be recreated using sand of the same color, texture, and size. Our experience, resources, and passion for perfection result in structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing brick restorations.

    Property owners and contractors count on us for expert brick restoration services in Chicago. We believe that the finished restoration should blend in seamlessly with the original brickwork. Our team consists of qualified masons experienced in the art of historic and contemporary brick restoration, sourcing sand and reclaimed Chicago brick, mixing custom mortars, brick color matching, and masonry techniques.

    For the finest brick restoration and brick wall repair in Chicago, contact us today.

    Licensing to repair bricks

    You need a license from the city of Chicago to legally perform brick and concrete work/repairs. Make sure to ask your contractor if he has it or not. Read more about our license here