Your roof is probably the biggest investment that you will make on your property. It can affect everything from curb appeal to your energy bill. The biggest part of that decision is choosing which contractor you can trust with this investment in your future.

As I was trying to choose my own contractor to fix my roof, I decided that I needed a list that would help me figure out the best contractor possible.

I talked to friends, I scoured the internet, and I compiled a list of everything I wanted to know about the roofer I was choosing.

So here is my list of questions to ask a roofer.

The Crew

When you hire a roofer, or a contractor, you are hiring their whole crew. That means you need to be informed about everyone that is on your property.

So here are the questions that will be helpful in making sure you have an amazing team on your side.

  • Who owns the roofing company?

Why do you want to ask this? You want to know who is in charge of the crew. If the person you are talking to is not the owner, find out who is. Establish the line of command so that you know who to talk to should you have a problem.

  • Will the same crew be there daily or will there be an interchangeable crew?

Why is this important? You need to know if you will have the same crew for the whole job from beginning to end. Sometimes things can get lost in translation. If the crew will change, how will your plan of action be relayed?

  • How is the crew chosen?

Why is this important? You want to know that the people who are on your property are trustworthy. Background checks, work history, and work ethic are so important. You want to know that everyone that will be on your property will be professional and handle your contract as such.

  • Will there be a permit pulled? Why or why not?

You need to make sure that your job is done legally. If they aren’t pulling a permit that needs to be pulled then there is a chance the city will step in and slow the contract down or put it to a stop.

  • What safety precautions will be taken?

You want to know that the job is going to be done safely and that there is insurance in place should something happen.

  • Is the contractor have licensing and certifications specific to your area?

You want someone that knows your area. They will know what permits you have to have. They will understand what your roof will face weather wise in your area.

That way your roofing choice is made with the idea of your region in mind. There is a group of people that are called storm chasers. These storm chasers don’t understand the needs of the area, nor do they understand what the city or county you are in my require.

They often do quick jobs that have problems later on down the road. They will be cheaper because they cut corners. Usually they will come into a region, do as many jobs as possible, and then they move on.

  • Are there any references that will be willing to discuss their experience?

To make sure that they are able to do what they say they are going to do, you should check references. Ask about how well they stuck to the deadlines and the budget.

Your Job Specifically

When you get ready to discuss your specific job, there is another set of questions that will come in handy.

These questions are designed to ensure that your job can be handled by your contractor and will be handled in the way in which you would like for it to be.

  • How will the weather be considered?

Sometimes the weather can be unpredictable. There are times that no matter how well you plan, the weather will get in the way. You need to know what will be done in case the weather does not cooperate.

You need to no how your property will be cared for so that the weather does as little damage as possible.

  • How will the roof be accessed?

Find out what access points while be used. What safety equipment will be used to access the roof? All of this is important so that you know what will happen to your gutters, yard, and other parts of your property.

  • How will the debris be disposed of?

Some places will bring in a dumpster to handle the debris. Other contractors actually hire a clean up crew or have a separate clean up crew as part as of their team.

You will want to know where the dumpster will be placed and how it will affect your yard.

  • How long will the job take?

Time is always an issue. There are times that jobs will go just as plans and there are times when there will be complications. Ask how long the job will take. Then ask what things could pop up that may effect this timeline.

  • What are some things that could affect the budget?

At the beginning of the project, you will discuss budget. However, sometimes when the roof is being removed, there are some problems that arise. You can ask what could happen and what would affect the budget.

There you have all the questions that I was happy to have. When I sat down with the different contractors, it was easy to narrow down the choices and decide which ones would actually work well with my project.

If there are any more questions that you feel I missed, then please add them to this list. By the end of each bid, or meeting, you should have the answers that you need to get the contractor that you want.

That is the point of all these questions. So now, you have phone calls to make so go ahead and ask your roofer these questions.